Yearly Vaccines for Dogs

When you welcomed a new dog or cat into your home, you most likely made an appointment at your local pet clinic for necessary shots. These initial vaccinations are essential for ensuring your new family member stays healthy throughout its lifetime. As a popular veterinarian in the North Brunswick and Somerset area, Faith Vet Clinic reminds all pet parents that it isn't only these initial shots that are important. Some vaccinations need to be updated periodically throughout the lifetime of your dog or cat.


Required Adult Vaccinations

In some cases, initial vaccinations will last a lifetime. Others, just as in humans, need to be updated every so often. Think about your annual flu shot or needing a tetanus shot every ten years. Just like humans, some of these updates are necessary and others are merely suggested.

The two vaccinations that require periodic updating are the DHPP, which is protection against distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The rabies vaccine also needs to be updated periodically. All of these diseases are severe and often deadly. The DHPP should be received at 12-16 months and then every 1-2 years after. The rabies vaccine is normally done yearly, but there is a newer version that allows for one booster every three years. Pets are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies.

Titer Tests

The vaccines for Influenza, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Lyme disease also benefit from regular updates. These, however, can depend on things like your pet’s immune system and lifestyle. If there is no likelihood of coming into contact with these diseases, your vet may say it is okay to forgo the vaccinations. Your vet may also suggest a titer test. This test will analyze your pet's immune system. If your pet’s immune system is very low, you may want to get these boosters regardless of the chance of exposure to give your pet added protection.

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At Faith Vet Clinic, we have years of experience providing pet owners in North Brunswick and Somerset with pet vaccination services. For more information about vaccination or to schedule an appointment, call us at (732) 395-8631

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