Yearly Vaccines for Cats

Pets fill our days with laughter and affection.  At Faith Veterinary Clinic, we want to remind all pet parents from North Brunswick and Somerset, NJ that vaccinations are an easy way to keep your dog or cat safe from dangerous illnesses. They are conveniently available at your veterinarian’s office or at a pet clinic specializing in shots. Your cat or dog will feel only a momentary pinch of discomfort, and protection from serious illness is well worth the time and effort.


With their keen senses of sight, hearing, and smell, cats have a curiosity about the world around them that is almost boundless, reacting to the smallest movements and changes in the air.  Cats who spend time outdoors come into contact with bacteria, viruses, and wildlife that can easily transmit disease.  Even indoor cats may escape accidentally or spend time with friends’ pets and contract an illness.  Getting shots for your pets greatly reduces their risk of catching diseases they are exposed to.

Why Do Vaccinations Need to Be Repeated?

Vaccinations work by injecting a safe portion of the disease’s antigens into your pet’s body, just enough to cause the immune system to recognize the virus and prepare to fight it if it is ever introduced into the body again.  In this way shots create a line of defense, protecting pets even when they become exposed to germs.  To continue this valuable protection over time, immunizations need to be renewed, some yearly and some every few years.  Keeping up with shots ensures that the immune system still has the necessary antibodies to fight off infection.  Your cat’s particular case will be evaluated by your veterinarian and a schedule of shots will be recommended.

Which Shots Should My Cat Get?


Not only will your pet clinic strongly suggest you immunize your cat against rabies, but in most places it is required by law.  Rabies is often passed from animal to animal through contact with infected wildlife, and it can also be passed to humans.  Unfortunately, a cure for rabies in cats does not exist, so rabies prevention is vital.

Feline Calicivirus

This painful condition affects the gums, teeth, and sometimes tongue, making eating, grooming, and gripping objects with their teeth very uncomfortable.  Getting proper nutrition is central to maintaining good health, so calicivirus causes further problems not limited to the mouth.  It readily passes from animal to animal, especially when sharing food bowls.


A type of parvovirus, this devastating disease causes vomiting and diarrhea, extreme dehydration, and fever.  Kittens contract panleukopenia more often than adult cats, so the vaccine should be part of the kitten vaccination package.  


This viral infection usually prompts severe upper respiratory and eye infections and can cause chronic dry eye syndrome.  It passes from cat to cat by direct contact and through shared food bowls.

Protect your cat from disease and make an appointment with Faith Veterinary Clinic in the North Brunswick and Somerset, NJ area for vaccinations today!


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