Our Pet Clinic Offers Many Vet Services in North Brunswick and Somerset

Over a lifetime, pets require both preventative care to keep them healthy and intensive treatment when they become ill. An experienced veterinarian that offers a variety of services can help keep your beloved animals healthy at all stages of life. At Faith Veterinary Clinic in North Brunswick and Somerset, NJ, we offer a full range of veterinary services for pets.



We provide physical examinations with a comprehensive head-to-tail inspection of your pets’ general condition and state of health. Your vet will listen to the heart and lungs, and palpate the limbs and abdomen for any abnormalities that may require care.


Vaccinations protect your furry animals against common infectious diseases that can make them very sick. Your veterinarian will advise you on the best immunizations for your pets’ needs.

Preventative Care

Preventative care like flea and tick control, testing for internal parasites, and regular heartworm medication can prevent harmful illness or diseases in pets.

Dental Care

Healthy teeth are important to your pets’ health. Dental health not only helps animals to get proper nutrition, it also prevents certain types of bacteria from traveling into other organs and causing disease. We provide teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, and gum disease treatment.


A microchip is a tiny device that is inserted under the skin of an animal which contains an identifying number. This number is correlated to your personal information so that your companion animals can be returned to you if they becomes lost.


Our veterinary clinic provides state-of the-art diagnostics that helps detect a wide range of problems. Fecal tests, urinalysis, blood tests, x-ray, and ultrasound all help your vet to provide the highest quality care for your pets.


Here at our pet clinic, we perform a wide variety of surgeries, including spay and neuter, pyometra, bladder stones, and C-sections. We also perform general surgery in case your companion animal gets injured.

Urgent and Emergency Care

When your pets have a life-threatening emergency, we can provide fast, experienced care. We are also available when your animals develop an illness or injury that is not an emergency. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to clear the schedule so that we can see your furry friends as quickly as possible.

Make Faith Veterinary Clinic Your Veterinarian in North Brunswick and Somerset

Dr. Narala and the team at Faith Veterinary Clinic are committed to treating our patients in North Brunswick and Somerset like our own with individualized attention and compassion. Our pet clinic treats dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets.

Call Faith Veterinary Clinic today at (732) 658-6777 for North Brunswick or (732) 395-8631 for Somerset to schedule an appointment, or to learn about the many services we offer to keep pets healthy.


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