Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at Faith Veterinary Clinic

It's heartbreaking when your beloved four-legged companion needs to be treated with extensive care, yet it's also vital to ensure their overall health and progress is on the mend with our pet surgery services in both North Brunswick and Somerset, NJ. We have two locations to be able to treat your pet with the best possible healing our pet clinic offers. The veterinarian at Faith Veterinary Clinic goes above and beyond to provide topnotch quality and whatever treatment services your pet needs to live a long and healthy life.


While pet surgery oftentimes includes the basic spay and neuter for all animals, elective surgeries to ward off inflammation in joints, or an emergency removal of a fox tail, our veterinarian also provides the following:

  • C-sections
  • Removal of bladders stones
  • Hysterectomy or pyometra for both dogs and cats
  • Emergency surgery due to trauma and injury

Bringing your animal into either our Somerset or North Brunswick pet clinic location is imperative to decrease any further injury or spreading of whatever condition is plaguing their well-being.

What to Expect

Having your pet in surgery can be an emotional experience for you and your family. Our skilled veterinarian and expert team want to assure you that whether you choose to remain in our waiting room during the surgery, or walk away without your pet going home with you, we have the most compassionate care individuals offering guidance and support. It is comforting to know your pet is in the best hands to take care of their needs.

Coping with pet surgery involves preparation, patience, and following after-care protocol. Keeping your pet clean and safe from further injury is optimal yet know that surgery is a completely sterile procedure. The first 24 hours prior to your pet surgery at our pet clinic can make or break how the ultimate procedure is handled. Being responsible is something we want to encourage and educate for our clients and their animals.

Make certain your pet arrives with an empty stomach. While we do have protocols in place during every operation, it is critical to not feed your pet up to 24 hours prior to any surgery. This step is important.

Be sure to give us your contact number in case we need to reach you for any updates and questions along the way. Arrange your day so you can receive calls at any time. We do our best to provide critical information throughout your pet's surgery.

Compassion and Care

Give our pet clinic a call at (732) 658-6777 to schedule your pet surgery and know that our veterinarian and team are investing all our energy into your animal's healing and recovery. 

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