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Bring Your Pet to Our North Brunswick Pet Clinic for a Teeth Cleaning

Your cat or dog needs their teeth cleaned on an annual basis to help them with fresh breath, keep weight on, and be comfortable. If you're in the Somerset or North Brunswick area, come see us at Faith Vet Clinic for a visit with a veterinarian and learn more about dental care for your pets. We'll show you why it's important and what we do during teeth cleaning to help your pet's mouth stay healthy.


Why Your Pet Needs a Teeth Cleaning

Tartar and plaque build-up in a pet's mouth the same as it does for people. But pets don't brush their teeth and that results in dental issues over time. Your pet can experience periodontal disease that causes gums to become inflamed and teeth to loosen. Tooth loss is a strong possibility when periodontal disease sets in. 

Pet's teeth can get damaged and you may not be aware of it, especially when the damage is deeper in the mouth. Your pet may act normal and continue eating as if they don't have a problem. A veterinarian can uncover the issue during cleaning and correct the problem.

Bad breath is another issue that's resolved with teeth cleaning. When you notice that your pet constantly has bad breath, that means there's a condition inside the mouth that needs addressing. Getting your pet's teeth cleaned can uncover the source of the odor and eliminate it so your pet's breath smells normal again.

Leaving plaque untreated increases the potential for a condition known as bacteremia. Bacteria in the pet's mouth can get into the bloodstream and circulate to the organs which result in illness.

Your Pet Benefits From Having Their Teeth Cleaned

Regular dental visits keep your pet's mouth healthy as they age. The veterinarian can keep track of changes in the teeth over time and help you understand the changes that might occur with time. Your pet's mouth stays healthy which means their body stays healthy because they can eat without pain or discomfort and maintain their body weight. In turn, you don't have to deal with the issues that come with pet dental diseases which allows you to enjoy your pet and know that you're giving them a long and healthy life.

Talk to Us About Getting Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned at Faith Vet Clinic

Give us a call at Faith Vet Clinic to learn more about our dental services and make an appointment to get your pet's teeth cleaned. We serve patients from North Brunswick and Somerset. It's our goal to help pet owners keep their companions healthy through various services including teeth cleaning.

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